Chachi Jones "Claustrophilia"

Hi. I'm Chachi. Not sure what to say about myself that won't sound self-absorbed or just awkward. I guess the easiest way to put it is that I make odd music using my computer along with a small pile of kids' sound toys that I've modified to make unpredictable noises. It's a hard one to explain to the parents, but it keeps me out of trouble, mostly. ".....we're keeping an eye on him" lunaticworks founder, LW.

Hear two full-length tracks now! (96 kbps, real):
µ Cowboy
µ Clear

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"...strongly recommended, 3 1/2 stars." -all music guide

" intimate collection of bristling breakbeats and lachrymose best suited for headphone listening. the end result is a strangely beautiful and sublime." -mean street

"...'Catalytic' submerges the listner in a wash of arpeggiated blips and DX7 piano melodies, after which jones drops in the spastic, chopped up, yet precise sort of drum programming you might hear on a venetian snares disc. jones ability to craft sparse but engrossing material." -splendid

"...With a wonderfully dense 2003 album on Lunaticworks, Claustrophilia, and an unusual array of homemade instruments, the 25-year-old Jones is gaining recognition beyond the small circle of electronic musicians who call Sacramento home. He even hit the geek big time, as he put it, when XLR8R magazine used him as the feature model for its recent tech supplement. chachi jones is one home artist who deserves to move up and maybe even- gasp -quit his day job someday." -san francisco bay guardian

"...Claustrophilia offers an elegant collection of chill-out material. Jones's strength lies in shaping sounds into mood pieces rather than utilizing conventional song structure." -timeout new york

Chachi Jones - Claustrophilia

1. Catalytic
2. Taking You Out
3. Colors
4. Cowboy
5. Avery113
6. Brown
7. Opal
8. MK1101 - (breath mix)
9. Clear
10. Sleeping On Sinewaves - (pt. 2)
11. Broken Bliss Box

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