dymaxion Chachi Jones "Dymaxion Daydream"

"Jones's thoroughly detailed and intricately realized compositions are my kind of wonderful." -San Francisco Bay Guardian

"...distorted spoken words, dancehall rhythms, synthetic handclaps and mellow synths draw you into a dreamscape of funky and ambient grooves that leave you hoping will never end." -Atomic Life

Hear two full-length tracks now! (96 kbps, real):
µ AM Hits
µ 24th & Capitol

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"DYMAXION DAYDREAM" (flash required)

Hi. I'm Chachi. Not sure what to say about myself that won't sound self-absorbed or just awkward. I guess the easiest way to put it is that I make odd music using my computer along with a small pile of kids' sound toys that I've modified to make unpredictable noises. It's a hard one to explain to the parents, but it keeps me out of trouble, mostly. ".....we're keeping an eye on him" lunaticworks founder, LW.

-- Chachi's musical hallmark is a temperament between very detailed IDM glitch rhythms and delicate layers of melody and atmospherics - creating a space that is both inviting and frantically surreal. That being said, his music is filled with emotion and begs to be enjoyed, scrutinized, and bumped from car speakers like some kind of Martian hip-hop. Chachi's distinctive sound bears the unmistakable mark of many hours spent in a smoky bedroom studio delicately refining each moment of audio.

His latest album Dymaxion Daydream is a dramatic evolution of the sound he defined with Claustrophilia (released by Lunaticworks in 2003). The boldness, complexity and staggering detail of the rhythms on Dymaxion Daydream are put right out in front so that there's no mistaking his intent to make your head rock and your feet move. Chachi's unmatched ability at pairing ethereal melodies and incredibly funky, brash electronic beats has never been so well explored and presented as it is on the hour-long Dymaxion Daydream.

Chachi Jones - Dymaxion Daydream

1. Studio 115
2. Downgirl
3. AM Hits
4. Scracker
5. Seven Saturdays
6. Newd
7. Energy At Rest
8. Seven Mondays
9. Youth
10. Chimera
11. Run/Stop
12. Black As Hell
13. Freeland
14. Lanquidity
15. Countback
16. Not This Nothing
17. Seven Thursdays
18. Morainaki
19. 24th & Capitol

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