CORDOVAN original Future Groove tracks and remixes are a forward-thinking blend of jazz, downtempo, broken beat, latin flavors and funk. Sometimes slick and shiny, sometimes gritty with all the seams showing, a marriage of sparkle and smudge. IN STORES NOW!!

Listen to two tracks: (96 kbps, real):
µ Magma
µ Skinny Girl

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Critics are raving about Cordovan:

"Cordovan's first full-length release is a tasteful, mature exploration of broken beats, classic downtempo and hip hop underneath a warm, protective haze of smoggy soul. Producer/musician Greg Reeves uses his extensive musical knowledge to create a peaceful, intelligent foray into funky rhythms. This album tells the sonic story of love affairs at the edge of the atmosphere, raw emotions in gritty alleyways and summer rain on open gardens." -URB MAGAZINE

"Cordovan traffics in orchestral, Mingus-bassed triphop for imaginary films off the clock." -The Stranger

" entirely new, floor-oriented flavor of dreamy trip-out." -San Francisco Examiner

" auspicious debut from a significant talent. -3 1/2 stars" -All Music Guide

"...chilled, mellow and funky." -Toledo Blade

" impressive debut." -Vue Weekly (Edmonton)

"Inspired by his love for classic jazz and electronic beats and rooted in years of gigging experience, this album is a smooth trip through the world of a musical visionary."

"Jazzy ambient and upbeat band rhythms, on broken electronic tip. Recent psychic readings show that Cordovan is definitely the music of our future. 5 out of 5!" -Jive magazine

"enthralls listeners with his own brand of electronic salad..."


1. magma
2. gamma
3. lacuna I
4. blue goo
5. tk421
6. lacuna II
7. fun with sophie
8. sidewinder
9. skinny girl
10. lacuna III
11. black rock dub
12. sneaky's beat

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also available:
cordovan hwy 10 blues
Highway 10 Blues