Horse Noodles Rock Weed Horsenoodles - "Rock Weed"
Still residing in Vays Nuys, Ca. and just now coming down from the adulation and jet set lifestyle afforded to him by the critical acclaimed self titled debut album ( "vacillates between Mr. Scruff and jazztronica"- Seattle Stranger, "Groovy loop-driven masterpiece"-SF Examiner, "Exqusite"-Filter) Horse Noodles, or the new self proclaimed Horsenoodles, returns in 2007.

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Patchouli Oil

My Sore Feet

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Now a little more mature and sophisticated, Horsenoodles "Rock Weed" delivers a new batch of twisted jazzy dance tracks infected with hooky breaks and head nodding trippy down tempo. From the opening anthem of "Horsenoodles" to the smooth chilled out dance track "Patchouli Oil" and the creepy yet cheeky "Jr. Plays With Matches", or the ambient groove of "Futuristic Folk Song", "Rock Weed" delivers good clean fun... certain to be a party favorite again this year. In stores september 2007 - available at itunes now.

Horse Noodles - Rockweed

1. Horse Noodles
2. Jaegar Bomb
3. Pass The Visine
4. Patchouli Oil
5. All Shake, No Bud
6. Make Mine a Double
7. Nyquil
8. My Sore Feet
9. Jr. Plays with Matches
10. Sleeper Creeper
11. A Future Folk Song
12. Jr. Plays with Matches (DJ Swanky Mix)

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