MothSpyEros Sueno Rojo MothSpyEros "Sueño Rojo"

Like a conceptual soundtrack to your strangest dream, Sueño Rojo abducts you and takes you on sonic ambient journey of vocals, sounds and spoken word. Drifting through the streets of Havana and the ruins of Oaxaca in search of clues of a Corazon.

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Hear two full-length tracks now! (96kbps, real):
µ Curbs Black
µ Planets Away

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Recorded in the color red at the Space Love Room, MothSpyEros have created a stream of consciousness resulting in a subsonic aphrodisiac of beauty and chaos.

One part organic and one part electro, MothSpyEros has been transforming the dream to reality playing live shows.

MothSpyEros is Ruben Reveles, Kevin Dockter, Ruebi Freyja, and other various musical spies .

Put on your headphones, take a deep breath, close your eyes and relax, prepare to dream in the color of might want to leave a light on just in case.

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"Dreamy soundscapes with odd melodies and thick textures comprise this release by this duo. The duo is comprised of Ruben Reveles who recruited guitar player and singer Kevin Dockter. They utilize laptop electronica with live instrumentals to mask melodies in fuzzy and sometimes hazy atmospherics. Dreamscapes are perhaps the perfect definition to pinpoint this incredible sound."
- J-Sin -- Smother Magazine

"Creepy, female scratchy vocals, almost religious, chanting, Mexican voodoo, this album will cast a spell on you and you'll start to do things uncontrollably. Slow, melodic. Funeral procession. Download it to my iPod?-"

"MothSpyEros' "Sueno Rojo" is a lulling dreamscape of dark but not morbid spaciousness, a veritable audio world into which the viewer can be transported. Fusing organic elements with electronic ambience and ultra chilled beats and textures, with lots of wide open space. this is a four star CD."
Kristofer Upjohn--DJ FIX

MothSpyEros - Sueño Rojo

1. Sueño Rojo
2. Curbs Black
3. Beauty In Chaos
4. And the Lips Locked
5. Planets Away
6. If You Live Your Time
7. Would Love to Pet You
8. Carmen
9. Past the Night and the Sky
10. Searching for Nothing
11. Fin