skopic SKOPIC

Cloistered in his bedroom, Max Braverman has begot his brainchild, the self-titled debut Skopic, a vastly refreshing escape from the mundane everyday electronic paradigm. Skopic is a blend of brooding melody with a dark and cryptic soundscape; an album influenced by an array of genres yet emerging with a shape of its own.

Playing multiple roles as songwriter/ producer/ multi-instrumentalist, the young Max managed a necessary control, meticulously molding his monocracy. Haunting, moody and obscure, the tracks display a seductive artistry, a mingling of murky electronic noises meshed with lush, live instrumentation...

Hear two new tracks now! (96 kbps, real):
µ Allow Me
µ Verbatim

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directed by: lise angelica & frank wilson

"With its chaotic beginnings and self-reflective endings, Skopic makes for a divine listen."
"It's like Alice in Wonderland meets Terry Gilliam, except it's all in your head."
--BPM Magazine

"Against the odds... Max Braverman's debut is absolutely brilliant."
"Braverman delivers an eponymous debut album that features almost as many different flavors and textures as it has tracks."
--All Music Guide

"Skopic... a name that will one day be revered by club DJs around the world."
"Braverman has created a collection of tunes so kinetic and haunting, they could almost make cadavers stand up and dance."
"Skopic was clearly crafted for two purposes: mobilizing and hypnotizing."
"...perfectly suited for dance floor zen; just close your eyes, feel the force flowing through you, and move with the ocean of bodies."
--Splendid Magazine

"...Skopic's entrance into the electronic music scene is something of a blessing..."
"Braverman brings us his vision of musical utopia via a record brimming with thoughtful, and downright beautiful, intricacy and creativity."
"Grandiose, and at times epically thematic..."
"Braverman has set the bar high with this release. With such a promising start, expect Skopic to be placed amongst electronica's best in no time."

"Music is never supposed to be predictable and you can certainly give this album that."
"I like how an unheard of producer can instantly make you fall in love with his album after four songs."
"...the genius of this album cannot be denied. Definitely check this one out."

"...the world's latest genius solo bedroom producer/multi-instrumentalist..."

"Interesting, funky, and occasionally laid-back to chill, this is a frigid nightmare soundtrack to the future of electronica."


1. Allow Me
2. Salivate For Salvation
3. Mahonis
4. Gloryhole
5. Bound By Sound
6. Our Own Obscenity
7. Verbatim
8. Inertia Insists
9. Waylay
10. FYI
11. Committee of Tails
12. Grab Bag Grammar
13. Tommy Is Dead
14. The Naysayer
15. Final Stretch