Two AM Butterfat Beats Two A.M. "Butterfat Beats"

"Drippy melt in your mind not in your hands gooey  down tempo" - Soy Sauce

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µ Spetznatz
µ Golden Path

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Infinite, tightly wound social circles are hard to come by, and often appear and vanish like early morning fog once the heat shines through. They often hover over an endearing landscape watching the world move, attempting to define the meaning of their actions within space, and measuring their existence against the balance of projected light and eventual darkness. TWO A.M. salutes the early morning people, whose anticipation of light drives them to endure those extra few hours till sunlight breaks and day revolves once more. In the same right, TWO A.M. solidifies in the ending of a singular silence, finding comfort in the inevitable closure of a process. We navigate these transitions, discovering harmony within an ever turbulent environment, that tell the story of moments retained. Moments gathered in such a way as to compliment and parallel those that support us. Our music becomes the air we breath during these times. The moments we have collected to express our intentions and perspectives and fully connect with the other reflections presented are the soundscapes we invent. We are another you, and we only wish to help you understand, your life and our own, are not alone. We do this from a hub in the heart of Sacramento, CA. Not a place you would see as an area trying to convey such a message. Yet, here we are, in this together as a unit, and our motive is to exemplify this unity till our souls vanish into the early morning fog of death.

Two A.M. - Butterfat Beats

1. Dub Incarnate
2. I've Killed and Eaten Better Men
3. Long Road
4. The Jazz Singer (Ms. Marie)
5. The Senator of Siem Reap
6. The Day and the Morning After
7. Spetznatz
8. Half Dead Ringer
9. Time Forgets
10. Missionaria Protectiva
11. Golden Path