Howie B, Crispin Hunt and Will O'Donovan - Mayonnaise 3 *iTunes
  Horse Noodles - What? *iTunes
  Furry Smooth - Furry Smooth *iTunes soon
  Howie B, Crispin Hunt and Will O'Donovan - Mayonnaise II *iTunes
  Tha Fruitbat - High Definition Attention Deficit *iTunes
  Horsenoodles -Rockweed *now available!
  Howie B and Húbert Nói -Music For Astronauts & Cosmonauts *now available!
  Two A.M. *now available!
Welcome to you our partners in progress. We here at the LunaticWorks beatz producers facility are proud, or at least intrigued, by the results of our Progressive Producer Program (PPP). Through rigorous electronic beat science and experimentation treatment, our lunatics...uh, producers, are exhibiting a sense of intellectual freedom. We have allowed them a complicated yet simple outlet to extricate those little voices inside their heads, to produce creative audio art and once again squirm to the beatz of a different drum machine. So come one come all, our arms are open to everyone and check out the latest results from our patients uh...producers - now available from your friends at lunaticworks... Peace ... LW
  Lisa Papineau
  Cordovan - Highway 10 Blues *new on LW Jazz!
      also available: Cordovan self-titled
  Chachi Jones - Dymaxion Daydream *new album!
      also available: Claustrophilia
  James Hardway Collective
  Skopic *new video!
  Howie B, Crispin Hunt, Will O'Donovan
  Tha Fruitbat
  Horse Noodles *new video!*
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